When Saffron Jackson became a mother, she lamented the lack of dolls representing her Jamaican culture — so she made one of her own. “All the black dolls I have seen were from America, and most of them were either ugly or not to my liking,” Jackson told Jamaican newspaper The Star. “I thought, why not create my own doll?” Enter the Zuree Doll, a line of Black dolls of varying skin color that speak Jamaican patois when squeezed. The first doll in the line is named Toya and she asks, “Wah gwaan? Weh yaa seh?”. Jackson launched the dolls online during the 2016 holiday season and says she has sold over 400 dolls to date. “People love that it speaks Jamaican. I’ve been getting sales from Australia, Estonia, Amsterdam, Germany, and all these places, which show there is a massive demand for our culture,” she told the paper. In addition to the dolls, Jackson is developing a Zuree Girls book series and a Rasta bear. The dolls can be purchased online and are shipped from the UK.   h/t Atlanta Black Star]]>

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